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Welcome to Tenebo Boxers. Our bloodlines and Boxer philosophies are rooted in the enthusiam of the
late Massachussetts Boxer Enthusiast, Kathleen Baldasaro, and of course, what dog wisdoms we have
garnered along the way!
Kathy believed wholeheartedly that producing Boxers of the finest quality was in reach of all exhibitors
free and willing to be their best selves at ringside. She felt that great dogs owned by persistent,positive
people would ultimately get recognized. For Kathy, this contagious attitude propelled her Sable Doll to
take Winners Bitch at the 1991 ABC New Jersey Boxer Club Specialty.
CH Tenebo's Sable Doll DOM,"Miranda Jean", or "Jeannie" as we called her fondly, was out of Kathy's
foundation bitch "Ayla".  Ayla's three best producers are pictured below. All Tenebo Boxers shown today
go back to these three wonderful animals.
Tenebo Boxers follow a linebreeding program that stresses regular health testing following The American
Boxer Club guidelines. We select for even temperments and correct structure; the lovely headpiece for
which we have always been known is never sacrificed in the next generation. Please enjoy our photo
galleries and thanks for visiting.
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*News Flash*